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  • Zebra Technologies VS20 Machine Vision Smart Sensor
  • Zebra Technologies VS20 Machine Vision Smart Sensor


Add Machine Vision to Your Network with Ease

With the VS20, you can do easy quality inspections on the production line. Multiple connectivity choices make it simple to link your primary vision apps into a PLC or Host network, allowing them to drive your business operations. Simple feature upgrades can also be used to adapt to changing business needs.

Zebra VS20 Spec Sheet

Manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to meet rising business needs, from the factory floor to the control room. Production lines strive for consistent product quality and throughput quotas every day. At every stage of production, success necessitates a robust and predictable process that enhances automation, minimizes faults, and validates assembly and tracking information.

The Zebra VS20 Machine Vision Smart Sensor can handle it all. The tiny VS20 quickly integrates into your PLC or Host network to perform crucial quality checks, giving a new level of intelligence and automation to improve product quality and fulfill production goals, thanks to several connectivity choices. As a result, operations have become leaner.
There are fewer product flaws. Costs of production are reduced. Customers who are more satisfied.

Your machine vision solutions will benefit from the VS20's enhanced degree of simplicity. It all starts with Zebra Aurora, a sophisticated and user-friendly software platform that makes setting up, deploying, and operating Zebra's entire line of Machine Vision Smart Cameras and Fixed Industrial Scanners a breeze.
ImagePerfect and Feasibility Setup Assistant are Zebra-only features that decrease steps, training and management time and costs, as well as the need for external peripherals. And, because advanced tools can be added at any time with a simple software license upgrade, the device you buy today will be able to support new requirements tomorrow.



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