Mattei pioneered the development of the rotary vane compressor in 1958. Since then, for more than 50 years, these machines have been used worldwide in nearly every industry and market.

Recent patents generated by Mattei's Research & Development Department are evidence of our drive to continually exploit our proprietary vane technology and its advantages. Benefit from the performance and efficiencies of our rotary vane compressors versus traditional rotary screw compressor systems. With a focus on both current and future compressor models, Mattei will reduce costs while delivering ever increasing efficiencies.


Continuous research and development has confirmed that the following contributes to superior vane performance:

  • Efficient: Vane compressors deliver ~90% mechanical efficiency. As speed decreases the compressor efficiency increases (straight-line energy savings).
  • Reliable: Vane compressors are designed for low speeds and long life (backed by a revolutionary 10-year warranty).
  • Durable: 100,000-hour compressor air end design (>2X the life of a rotary screw).
  • Economical: High productivity, low operating cost (energy saving kW/100 scfm design).
  • Simple: Direct drive, less moving parts (recently patented advancements).
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