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  • Zebra Technologies FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner
  • Zebra Technologies FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner
  • Zebra Technologies FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner


Wherever you need it, plug-and-play high-quality scanning

With Zebra's FS10, you can easily track and trace things as they move through the warehouse and distribution center. This small scanner will simply fit wherever you need to scan. The FS10 is incredibly simple to set up, deploy, and operate thanks to Zebra Aurora software. With the acquisition of a software license, you also gain the ability to support new symbologies and boost scanning speed.

Companies are being pressured to deliver more — and faster — as the demands of worldwide business and its global supply chain grow. The ability to quickly move and track the products that drive your organization is critical to its success, from manufacture to logistics to the ultimate customer.

With the Zebra FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner, you can now handle everything. The FS10's small form makes it easy to use it wherever scanning is required. Simply plug the FS10 into a workstation's USB port, a laptop's USB port, a tablet's USB port, or any other host device to reliably capture barcode data from assembly to storage and fulfillment.

Zebra FS10 Spec Sheet

Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanners are ideal for new track and trace, conveyor, and order fulfillment applications in distribution centers, warehouses, and discrete manufacturing environments. Customers benefit from best-in-class solutions for increasing conveyor and manufacturing line speed and throughput.

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